Tom Grant joined the L.A. County Sheriff's Department in 1969 and was promoted to detective within just a few short years.

In 1975, Grant left the Sheriff's department and eventually went into business as a security consultant. He later obtained his private investigator's license and opened an office in Beverly Hills California where he specialized in civil and criminal investigations.

Grant's client list includes some of the best known names in the entertainment industry including Sammy Davis Jr. and the Michael Jackson family.

Soon after filing her sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton, Tom Grant was hired by Paula Jones. In November of 1997, Grant traveled to Little Rock Arkansas where he spent nearly two months attending depositions and assisting Jones and her legal team with the pre-trial investigation of President Clinton.

Tom Grant has been a featured guest on hundreds of nationally syndicated radio talk shows. He has also appeared on CBS Television's Entertainment Tonight, NBC's Unsolved Mysteries, Dateline and The Today Show with Matt Lauer, The Morning Show with Hanna Storm, Count Down with Keith Oberman, Court TV with Catherine Crier and dozens of other television programs throughout the U.S., Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

In April of 1994, Grant was retained by Courtney Love to locate her missing husband, Kurt Cobain, lead singer for the grunge rock group, Nirvana. When Cobain was later found dead, Grant initiated an investigation into the circumstances of his untimely and suspicious death.

Grant's work on the Cobain case was featured in the 1997 film "Kurt and Courtney" as well as Benjamin Statler's 2015 film "Soaked in Bleach" - now available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

In April of 2009 and again in May of 2011, Tom was the featured speaker at a prestigious law school in Sacramento California. Those in attendance included currently sitting superior court judges, law professors and law students.

In January of 2016 Tom was the Keynote Speaker at the California Association of Licensed Investigators, (C.A.L.I.) conference in Palm Springs, California. This is the largest organization of private investigators in the U.S.

In addition to his 40 years of combined experience as a Sheriff's detective, security consultant and private investigator, Tom once hosted his own radio talk show in the Central Coast area of California.

Now in semi-retirement, Tom works as a consultant and public speaker.

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